Nuclear radiation
Semiconductor detectors
and Associated electronics

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  • 29.08.19 Ritec will attend the meeting "Problems of Applied Spectrometry and Radiometry 2019". Ritec will attend and participate at the International meeting "Problems of Applied Spectrometry and Radiometry 2019", 7-11 October, Kazan, Russia. Presentations: "CdZnTe ДЕТЕКТОРЫ И УСТРОЙСТВА НА ИХ ОСНОВЕ ДЛЯ РАЗЛИЧНЫХ ПРИМЕНЕНИЙ: СОВРЕМЕННОЕ СОСТОЯНИЕ".
  • 06.06.19 Ritec took part in an Conference ANIMMA 2019. Presentations: "APPLICATION OF CdZnTe QUASI-HEMISPHERICAL DETECTORS IN STRONG GAMMA-RADIATION FIELDS".
  • 11.05.19 Preliminary information about the SGRP 2 is presented. Surgical Gamma-Radiation Probes (SGRP) are intended for intraoperative detection of areas of increased radionuclide activity in body tissues or organs. These highly sensitive, lightweight BGO detectors with sensitive volume of Ø6×10 mm3 provide good results in a variety of radioguided surgical procedures.

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